Wetend Technologies acquires AntiScaling technology of Ceresto for In-Line PCC™ process


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Wetend Technologies Ltd has acquired AntiScaling technology with product ownership and knowhow from Ceresto Oy for In-Line PCCTM process. The agreement secures the availability of anti-scaling technology for customers of Wetend and unites knowledge and expertise of the companies for long term customer support.

The acquired electrical AntiScaling technology is used to prevent filler crystallization on protected areas and to provide excellent long term process efficiency and runnability of In-Line PCC process. It can also be used for several other types of scaling deposits generated on the inner walls of a process pipe caused by aggressively reacting chemicals. Accordingly, the system can be used for many scaling sensitive additives to safeguard cleanliness, runnability and efficiency. Ceresto has been one of the few developers and suppliers of a full scale in-line reactor anti-scaling system for paper/board and process industry.

In-Line PCC™ is a novel straight forward precipitated calcium carbonate (PCC) filler production process developed by Wetend Technologies. It consists of TrumpJet® Flash Mixing Reactor integrated into paper/board machine process in-situ. The key benefits of In-Line PCC process are: extremely fast crystallization reaction, high quality filler crystals, powerful fiber loading effect, very high retention of filler, excellent strength and optical properties with first-class formation of paper or board.

The agreement between Ceresto and Wetend will re-inforce and complete In-Line PCC Reactor technology package of Wetend and offer additional potential to develop the product and knowhow for competitiveness and long term customer support and benefits. The newly signed contract includes also laboratory and pilot testing equipment and gives opportunity to run trials at paper/board mill in relevant process conditions for new applications.
The technology has been already in use in commercially with excellent results.

In-Line PCC TrumpJet Flash Mixing Reactor

Company information:

Wetend Technologies Ltd, Kaartilantie 7, FIN-57230 Savonlinna, Finland / www.wetend.com
Wetend Technologies Ltd is a technology and innovation company focusing in mixing of chemicals and additives into large process flows with novel sustainable TrumpJet® Flash Mixing Reactor technology and related sub-processes. Wetend is the pioneer and forerunner of the injection mixing technology. The company has supplied close to 500 mixing installations to over 20 countries. A true Cleantech company: The supplied installations cut down chemical consumption 30 - 60% - sometimes even much more. Installed systems save today approximately 60 million m3 of fresh water and 3 million MWh of energy with 2,5 million tons reduction of CO2 gas annually. Wetend Technologies Ltd is based in Finland. The company has an office in Beijing China and sales representatives worldwide. Its products are protected with several international patents and patent applications.

Ceresto Ltd, Ratamestarinkuja 3, FIN-57100 Savonlinna, Finland
Ceresto Ltd is high tech-company located in Savonlinna, Finland. The company's expertise and business is related to the electrochemical protection of materials and, on the other hand, the management of electrochemical corrosion reactions of various materials in precipitation. In the beginning the company develops, manufactures and markets its own energy-efficient, low-maintenance heat exchangers with integrated electrochemical cleaning systems. Due to technical challenges of integrated systems to heat exchangers, since, company has focused to develop systems in the prevention of precipitation in different industrial processes equipment. Ceresto Ltd will continue to operate as a contract partner for Wetend Technologies Ltd and as well continue to develop and marketing company‘s own registered NoFol™ precipitation prevention and process improvement systems to marine, chemical and paper industry.

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