In-Line PCC™ process – New technology cuts down costs and forms the core for new production process

In-Line PCC™ process generates filler-fiber composites consisting of calcium carbonate and fiber. This fiber-loaded calcium carbonate filler is a new type of raw material competitive in quality, price and technology.

The In-Line PCC process is extremely fast and therefore it can be integrated directly to paper/board production line. The production system is operated by paper/board mill personnel. This results to higher quality control and creates opportunities to reduce production costs. One of the significant process benefit is that there is no need to invest in separate PCC satellite production plant with long-term supplier contract.

The process fits easily to large process lines with high capacity but also fits and adapts very well to smaller production lines. This offers an opportunity to smaller paper and tissue lines as well as e.g. white top board ply to exploit benefits of PCC filler.

The key benefits of the process

  •     Attractive and price competitive filler material
  •     powerful fiber loading effect
  •     very high retention of filler and fines
    •         retention aid consumption reduces up to 80 %
    •         less filler penetrates through wires resulting to less wear and longer lifetime of machine fabrics
  •     excellent strength and optical characteristics of the sheet
  •     cleaner PM approach flow system
  •     web formation is significantly improved
  •     significantly lower investment cost

In-Line PCC™ process binds and eliminates interfering colloidal substances resulting to cleaner PM approach flow system e.g. reduced solids content and COD of white water. The cleaner process improves paper machine runnability and efficiency of other wet end additives. Cleaner circulation water system also eases and improves operation of the mill waste water plant and reduces the need of waste disposal.

The lime slaking process can utilize mill filtrates e.g. clear filtrate. This cuts down the need of fresh water and brings the closing of PM water circulation system to much more efficient level. Thus the fresh water consumption per paper ton is significantly reduced.


In-Line PCC™ filler - fiber composite – opportunity to increase filler content of the paper

Uniform filler distribution in paper web and small PCC crystal size result good optical properties (brightness, light scattering and opacity), better formation and excellent strength properties of paper web. These factors create opportunities to increase filler content in the paper. The cost saving potential especially in printing paper production is significant.  

The filler-fiber composite opens the structure of paper web and eases dewatering. This fact cuts down production costs in web dewatering and drying. The more open sheet structure gives also opportunities to adjust and control bulk, especially for copy papers.
In-Line PCC™ filler – fiber composite is a new type of filler raw material. It is competitive in quality, price and in technology. The concept exploits today commercial liquid carbon dioxide but it can also use carbon dioxide recovered from fumes of boiler plant or lime kiln. The technology is protected with several patents and patent applications.

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