Extralong fibers used in the production of filters. A close up of a filter.

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Extralong synthetic and bio-based fibers

Fiber-spin-free mixing facilitates the use of new raw materials

TrumpJet enables trouble-free mixing of very long and extra-long synthetic or bio-based fibers and prevents the formation of fiber spins, fiber kinks and large fiber flocs, which cause runnability and quality issues . The concept makes it possible to introduce special fiber materials into the process and exploit their benefits by creating new sheet composite structures and characteristics.


  • Opportunity to exploit new raw materials
  • New sheet composite structures and characteristics
  • Improved runnability, no “fiber ropes”
  • Cleaner process – fewer sheet defects

Effective mixing of extra-long fibers just before headbox for excellent runnability and consistent quality

Dealing with the “fiber ropes”

Very long and extra-long synthetic or bio-based fibers are nearly impossible to mix into fiber furnish without major problems in pumps, screens, valves etc. Long “fiber ropes” can be found throughout the process, screen cylinders get plugged, mixing into conventional stock is troublesome. Recirculation lines inside the process are difficult to operate. When fibers can be added and mixed effectively just before the headbox these problems are avoided.

Dosing in the headbox feed area

TrumpJet Flash Mixing technology enables fast and effective mixing of long and extra-long fibers, and allows adding them to the fiber furnish at the headbox feed area. This, in combination with the innovative hygienic TIP pump, prevents many runnability and quality issues caused by the formation of fiber spins.

Cleanliness of the chemical feed system is a must

All components of the TrumpJet injection and chemical feed systems are meticulously designed, engineered, and manufactured. All joints are flush fitted and all surfaces are polished and electropolished to prevent scaling, fiber spinning, and the formation of chemical and filler deposits or agglomerates, and fiber lumps.

TrumpJet® hygienic injection pump

  • Smooth, edge-free hydraulic design
  • Prevents fiber and dirt build-up
  • Effective also for extra long fibers
  • Process cleanliness and efficiency
  • Low pulsation
  • Smart flow measurement and control
  • Light and compact
  • Easy installation, disassembly and maintenance

Considering chemical mixing optimization?