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Mill results

Chemical mixing efficiency in figures

Based on the mill results of more than 650 supplied mixing stations, chemical consumption reduces by 20-60% on average, water consumption in post dilution – by 100%. Optimal chemical mixing location improves the runnability and stability of the process, and makes wet end chemistry easier to control.

Mill results

Linerboard and corrugated medium production line, Russia

100% retention aid polymer savings and fresh water savings

  • 100% retention aid polymer savings
  • Starch operates both as strength agent and retention aid
  • 15-20% strength starch savings
  • 10% AKD savings
  • Fresh water is no longer needed for chemical post-dilution

Folding boxboard board line, Europe

Better performance and reduced consumption

  • 25-35% starch savings
  • Other chemicals: positive development in performance and savings in consumption
  • Better formation
  • Fresh water savings
  • Several eductor systems replaced in/removed from all the plies

Folding boxboard and liquid packaging board line, China

TrumpJet® Flash Mixing Reactor gives a massive boost to efficiency and sustainability

  • 20-50% chemical savings
  • Better formation
  • 10-20% increase of machine speed
  • 1,8 mill m3/a fresh water saving
  • 80000 MWh/a energy saving

Liquid packaging board line, Western Europe

Reduced bacteria growth with less biocide chemical

  • More efficient chemical mixing
  • Improved biological growth control
  • Reduced consumption of biocide chemical
  • Disappearance of biocide smell in the stock preparation area
  • Injection with white water

Label paper line, Europe

Zero water consumption and significant improvement in retention

  • No fresh water used. Chemical injection with headbox stock.
  • Improved retention and retention control
  • 10-15% retention aid savings
  • 25-40% reduced consumption of sizing agents (50% for AKD)
  • 8% reel speed increase

Release paper line, Europe

Fresh water savings, reduced chemical demand, higher quality

  • 360 m3/day fresh water savings
  • 10-20 m/min machine speed increase
  • 20% improved formation
  • 20-30% lower polymer consumption
  • 10-20% ASA savings, improved retention of ASA, more uniform sizing

Label paper machine, China

30-Day Investment Return

  • 20% retention aid APAM savings
  • 20% retention aid Silica savings
  • 20% sizing agent AKD savings
  • 20% sizing agent PAE savings
  • Good paper quality and production runnability
  • The usage of fresh water or filtrate for chemical mixing is eliminated
  • 30 days payback time of the investment
TrumpJet Flash Mixing improves efficiency of oxidation in the white liquor vessel. No need for the conventional reactor

Pulp mill, Finland

White liquor oxidation

“TrumpJet Flash Mixing improves efficiency of oxidation in the white liquor vessel.

It works very well. Surprisingly good and simple solution with no need for the conventional reactor.”

TrumpJet® Flash Mixing in a tertiary clarifier improves efficiency, dissolved air flotation

DIP/Newsprint, UK

Dissolved air flotation

TrumpJet® Flash Mixing in a tertiary clarifier improves efficiency

  • Efficient flash mixing of additives
  • Dissolved air injected through TrumpJet mixers
  • Micro air bubbles (< 50 µm) can also be generated
TrumJet Flash Mixing used for fresh water treatment improves system operation

Mill fresh water system, Finland

Water treatment

TrumpJet® put an end to the complaints of the water user

  • Better chemical mixing improved system operation
  • Stable pH, less variations
  • Removal of organic solids: before 65%, after 75%
TrumpJet Flash Mixing of defoaming agent into a white water tray

Release paper mill, Europe


Defoamer agent mixing into a wire pit.

  • Improved chemical mixing
  • 50% chemical savings
  • Foam build-up and gas volume in
  • No chemical overdosing
  • Improved response to control
  • Improved cleanliness
  • Injection with circulated white water
Sludge dewatering, Northern Europe

DIP/Newsprint, Northern Europe

Sludge dewatering

  • Zero fresh water consumption for chemical mixing
  • 35% polymer savings
  • Operation became stable and homogenous
  • Good, much improved runnability
  • No unscheduled service is needed any more
  • Consistency after gravity table increased 1…2%
  • Total system capacity increase
TrumpJet is used for sludge dewatering. Automated self-cleaning mechanism; most suitable for applications where there are obstructive particles in the injection stock

Pulp and paper mill, Finland

Sludge dewatering

  • Injection of polymer using sludge with TrumpJet Trombone
  • Automated self-cleaning mechanism; most suitable for applications where there are obstructive particles in the injection stock.
  • Superb runnability

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