Water treatment in a tertiary clarifier

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Other applications of TrumpJet® Flash Mixing

TrumpJet Flash Mixer

TrumpJet – versatile technology with multiple benefits

TrumpJet injection technology enables fast and homogeneous mixing of various chemicals, additives and gases. It improves chemical utilization, reduces consumption, and offers many additional benefits. TrumpJet Flash Mixing, with its diverse product family featuring seven mixers and numerous specialized nozzles, ensures optimal efficiency across a wide range of applications.

Effective control on foam build-up and entrained air

Reduced defoamer consumption: 50% on average

Cleaner process, reduced dirt deposits

Mixing of defoaming agent in a white water tray with TrumpJet Poco

Release paper mill, Northern Europe

Mill results:

  • 50% chemical savings
  • Foam build-up and gas volume in control
  • No chemical overdosing
  • Faster response on adjustments
  • Cleaner process
  • Injection with circulated white water
TrumpJet Flash Mixing of mixing of defoamer in a white water tray

Reduce defoamer consumption by 50% and
avoid the adverse effects of overdosing

Fast and homogeneous chemical mixing

Better utilization of chemicals

Stable and efficient process

TrumpJet Poco for dual chemical fresh water treatment (PAC and NaOH)

Mill fresh water system, Finland

Mill results:

  • Better chemical mixing improved system operation
  • Stable pH, less variations
  • Removal of organic solids: before 65%, after 75%
  • TrumpJet® Improved water quality for the end user
  • Followed by a new repeat order
TrumpJet Flash Mixing of PAK and NaOH, used for water treatment

Reduced chemical consumption

No need to use fresh water – injection of polymer using recirculated sludge

Excellent runnability

Sludge dewatering with TrumpJet

DIP/Newsprint, Northern Europe

Mill results:

  • Zero fresh water consumption for chemical mixing
  • 35% polymer savings
  • Operation became stable and homogenous
  • Good, significantly improved runnability
  • No unscheduled service is needed any more
  • Consistency after gravity table increased 1…2%
  • Total system capacity increased
TrumpJet Flash Mixing for Sludge dewatering

TrumpJet Trombone

Most suitable for thick stock or if there is a risk of obstructive particles in the injection stock

Injection of polymer using recirculated sludge – no need to use fresh water

Automated self-cleaning mechanism for excellent runnability

TrumpJet Trombonefor-thick stock and sludge dewatering, with self-cleaning mechanism

Efficient flash mixing of gases into large volume process streams

Generation of micro air bubbles (< 50 µm)

TrumpJet Forte G gas mixer improves the efficiency of a tertiary clarifier

  • Efficient flash mixing of additives
  • Dissolved air injected through TrumpJet mixers
  • Micro air bubbles (< 50 µm) can also be generated
TrumpJet Flash Mixing for water treatment in a tertiary clarifier

Low investment costs

Reliable in extreme conditions

Used for the mixing of oxygen

Can be used for pulp bleaching in a constant mode

Built in accordance with Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) 2014/68/EU

TrumpJet® Flash Mixing technology for white liquor oxidation

Pulp Mill, Northern Europe

Feedback from a client:

“TrumpJet Flash Mixing technology improves the efficiency of oxidation in the white liquor vessel.

1,5 million euro investment has been avoided with the unit.

It works very well. A surprisingly good and simple solution with no need for the conventional reactor.”

TrumpJet Flash Mixing for white liquor oxidation


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