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SAPPI Stockstadt Mill, PM1, Germany

A panorama view of SAPPI Stockstadt Mill, Germany

“We got better machine total efficiency, and reduced chemical, energy and water consumption”

Paper machine

  • Grades: Fine paper and specialty grades, coated and uncoated wood-free paper
  • Production: 622 tons per day
  • Production speed: 900 m/min


  • to increase the output, the efficiency of PM1
  • to eliminate the substantial fresh water consumption of the standard dosing system
  • to reduce chemical consumption
  • to remove small unused headbox feed pipe connections, which are a potential system for dirt pockets

Our solutions

Paper machine 1 in SAPPI Stockstadt Mill , Germany
3D layout drawaing: TrumpJet chemical mixing system, installed before the headbox for maximum chemical efficiency in paper production

Results of the chemical optimization project

  • Total machine efficiency improved.
  • Significant reduction of sheet breaks and dirt agglomerates
  • Positive impact on paper formation and sheet structure
an icon for water savings


reduction of fresh water usage

an icon for energy savings


lower energy consumption

an icon for chemical savings


lower chemical demand

an icon for time savings


less time is lost for specific breaks

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“We got excellent results with the TrumpJet Flash Mixing of chemicals… We got better machine total efficiency, and reduced chemical, energy and water consumption. Good mixing and reduced optimal chemical flow impacts positively on the paper formation and paper structure..”

Hartmut Schreck, Production Engineer at Stockstadt Mill, Sappi Europe

“I think Hartmut made a very good job in making comparison with different dosing and mixing systems from other companies… We are learning each day with our good process because there are always new positive impacts.”

Jochen Hahn, Manager Production Line 1 at Stockstadt Mill, Sappi Europe

Happy with the mill results, the team from SAPPI Stockstadt Mill are posing  in front of the TrumpJet injection mixing installation

Have a project in mind?

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