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NewPage Wisconsin Rapids, PM16, USA

“The rapid and thorough chemical mixing had an instant impact on performance”

Paper machine

  • Grades: Coated printing paper
  • Basis weight range: 40-120 g/m3
  • Wire width: 5,250 mm
  • Speed: 1,400 m/min


  • Reduce overall costs, maintaining quality at all grades
  • Improve the sustainability of the mill
  • Maximize the efficiency of mill processes

Our solution

TrumpJet chemical mixing system installed on headbox feed pipe just before the headbox for maximum efficiency in paper production


an icon for water savings
  • 300,000 m³/a fresh water savings
An icon for chemical savings
  • 43% savings of retention aid silica
  • 33% savings of retention aid polymer
An icon for energy savings and reduction of CO2 emissions
  • 14,650 MWh/a energy savings
  • 2,750 tons/a reduction of CO2 emissions
  • Reduced steam consumption
An icon for machine runnability
  • 5% increased filler content of sheet
  • 8% increase of reel speed
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“We achieved greater efficiency and reduction in chemicals, fresh water and energy consumption. The rapid and thorough mixing of silica sol and polymers into the stock has an instant impact on performance. We can track effects almost immediately.”

Chris Roth, Paper Machine Manager NewPage Wisconsin Rapids

“Our Lean Six Sigma team conducted trials and saw potential for running smoother, and saving fresh water and energy. Not long into the trials process, it became apparent we would meet expectations. In fact, we did even better than anticipated.”

Mark Swenson, Mill Manager, NewPage Wisconsin Rapids

With TrumpJet Flash Mixing, the mill achieved:

  • Optimized process and reduced operating costs
  • Savings for more than 1 million € annually

*Source: Koepenick, Martin, “Sustainability gains delivered by thinking innovatively, and working in partnership”, Pulp & Paper International May 2012

Have a project in mind?

Our specialists will analyze the potential for chemical mixing optimization in your production line and offer a tailor-made solution for your needs.

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