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Mitsubishi Paper Mills, PM7 in Hachinohe mill, Japan

“A great reduction in production costs and increase in productivity.”

Paper machine

  • Grades: Base paper, fine paper, book paper, LWC paper
  • Speed: 1,300m/min
  • Production: 13,000 t/month
  • Wire width: 5,800 mm


After switching to a dual polymer retention system and ECF pulp, first pass retention decreased and the consumption of retention aids increased. This called for a new chemical mixing system to:

  • reduce the consumption of retention aids
  • improve the first pass retention
  • prevent the collection of scale and dirt
  • prevent sheet formation problems

Our solutions

Paper machine in Hachinohe, Mitsubishi Paper Mills
Comparison in pictures of AKD dirt on top wire 60 days after replacement. Results before and after the installation of TrumpJet chemical mixing.  After the installation, 60-day-old wire net looks much cleaner.


40% retention aid savings

90 m3/day fresh water savings (reduction of dilution water for A-PAM line)

2,540 kWh/day energy savings (to heat fresh water from 11.8°C to 37°C)

3.5% production increase

8% total first pass retention increase

12% ash first pass retention increase

33% prolonged lifetime of felt and wire

33% extended shut down cycle (30 days → 40 days )

A diagram showing that dosing rates of retention aids: after the installation of TrumpJet Flash Mixing, the consumption of retention aids reduced by 39%
A diagram showing FPR rates for various grades before  after the installation of TrumpJet Flash Mixing. With TrumpJet, FPR increased by 8% on average.


Due to success of the first TrumpJet® injection mixing installation and the potential to decrease chemical consumption even more, a decision was made for a “step two” of the project: injection mixing of C-PAM + AKD after the screen with TrumpJet Chord.

The great reduction in production cost and 3.5% increase in productivity lead to new repeat orders for the other lines.

A layout drawing showing that 3

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