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Mill Result – Great results with a single TrumpJet station

A fine paper line 230 000 tons/a in North America installed a single TrumpJet Flash Mixing station on a headbox feed pipe on a pipe section between screen and the headbox feed manifold. The distance to the slice opening is only three (3) seconds as an average. This time is needed in practice to prepare the fiber furnish and chemicals for initial sheet formation process when the mixing is completed in a flash, practically initial mixing time is less than one (1) second only.

Older injection system was removed from the line and at the moment TrumpJet mixing station mixes retention aid polymer and silica-nanoparticle simultaneously into the stock flow.

After the installation

  • Polymer consumption dropped approximately  40%  
  • Nanoparticle saving approximately 60% still with a bit higher retention
  • Starch volume of ASA sizing emulsion came down by 15%
  • Fresh water use for post chemical dilution was completely eliminated
  • Sheet formation improved greatly
  • Response of the process to the TrumpJet flash mixing was immediate and after the above adjustments process stabilized with good results

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