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Duluth Mill, USA

Sustainable paper production through resource-efficient chemical mixing

Excerpt from the article "Providing an environment for "green" thinking", about fresh water savings at the chemical mixing stage in Duluth Mill

Our solution


  • Fresh water savings 432,000 m³/a
  • Energy savings 12,150 MWh/a
  • CO2 emission reduction 4,400 tons/a

“The Duluth Mill conserved fresh water by allowing the use of process water to mix retention aid. This eliminates the use of 200 gallons of fresh water every minute or 95 million gallons per year, and reduces the energy required to heat that volume of fresh water from 95°F to 130°F. This in turn, eliminates more than 4,400 tons of carbon dioxide emissions.”

Excerpt from the article “Providing an environment for “green” thinking”

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