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More with Less — TrumpJet Flash Mixing System for MFC and NFC

“More with less” is a common result with TrumpJet® systems supplied by Wetend. This is a given fact when the new reactor technology is applied very close to headbox.

Fluidizing effect is strongly developed at very short period shear area of a TrumpJet mixer unit. That is due to the high flow volume and high speed of injection liquid and high shear. Additive is precipitated instantly in filaments, ligaments and finally into drops and droplets inside the fast moving injection stream and mixed in a flash into the main process flow.

Micro and nano fibers: The effect is exploited also for a liquid gel e.g. made from either micro fibrillated cellulose (MFC) or nano fibrillated cellulose (NFC). Once the hard-to-mix-gel enters the “injection high velocity and short, shear influenced zone” it is fluidized and the gel behaves like low viscose liquid. The fluidizing enables mixing of the MFC or NFC material effectively into stock. This is preferably made just before headbox together with wet end chemicals to bring most of the material into the formation zone. This way the material loss is minimized. MFC and NFC materials can provide new sheet composite characteristics.

The first commercial production plant is already in production use.

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