Web Break Eliminators from Wetend — A simple way to improve sheet quality and runnability

A blind pocket of an unused small inlet or outlet connection or just a simple sampling valve can be full of old stock, dirt and biological activity. It is a probable reason for daily web breaks.  Wetend Flush-fit Web Break Eliminator can be used to remove the  unused connections. It will improve cleanliness, runnability and quality.

Wetend Technologis has developed a series of flush mounted, tight, flush-fit Wetend sleeve&plug assemblies to remove the blind spots from the approach pipe. The final outcome is a polished, smooth, Web Break Eliminator - it eliminates the blind spots completely. If necessary, the removed connection can be taken back to the service by installing a handy WetValve into the sleeve&plug assembly.

Several sizes available
  •     The range of connections is 35–210 mm.
  •     Material stainless steel: plug face polished to Ra 0,8 μm, by request to 0,4 μm

For orders, please contact us at info @ wetend.com

Mill Results

A magazine paper machine in Finland eliminated all seven old unused connections between the machine screen and headbox. As a result number of web breaks was reduced by 50%. Wetend has supplied close to 2000 sets of flush fit sleeves and plugs. They are used in installments to eliminate old process connections, to install new inlet or outlet valves that can be easily disconnected when needed, for TrumpJet mixer connections and stock outlet/suction connections.