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Wetend Technologies appoints a new CEO

Jussi Matula has been appointed as the new CEO of Wetend Technologies as of February 1st, 2021.

Jussi Matula has had a 19 years’ career in Wetend in various positions and will be transferred to CEO from his current position as Director of Operations. He also continues as a member of the Board of Directors of the company and has been a company shareholder since 2016.

Jussi Matula succeeds the long time CEO, Jouni Matula, who is one of the founders of the company, inventor of TrumpJet chemical mixing technology, and who has steered the company since 2001. Jouni Matula will continue as the Chairman of the Board of the company.

“Wetend’s products have changed the way the chemical dosing is seen these days. Our impact in the field is larger than the size of the company. We are happy to be part of our customers reduction of carbon footprint but also to be able to support development of new biobased products to replace plastics. Jouni Matula has led the company and our technology far. I am excited to roll up my sleeves and lead the next chapter forward”, says Jussi Matula.

Wetend Technologies Ltd

Wetend Technologies Ltd was founded in 2001. The company develops and manufactures products that exploit high-speed mixing innovations and technology for the process industry, especially for the production of board, paper and tissue.

The domicile is in Savonlinna, Finland. The company operates globally and has sales representatives in Europe, Asia-Pacific and North-America as well as its own office in Beijing, China

TrumpJet Flash Mixing Technology mixes fast-reacting additives and chemicals into large pipe-flow processes with significant efficiency. Wetend has delivered close to 600 mixing systems to 28 paper and board producing countries globally.
Wetend’s TrumpJet technology supports the reduction of carbon footprint of its customers and circular economy. Mixing systems cut the consumption of chemicals in production processes by 30-60%, improving cost-effectiveness and cleanliness of production – at the same time, the technology supports development of new biobased product technology of clients that can replaces plastics.
In total, the installed equipment eliminates 100% use of dilution fresh water in the applications. The annual realized water saving of the installed product base is a total of 70 million m3 reducing energy consumption by 3 million MWh. Fossil and biobased carbon dioxide emissions are reduced by 3 million tons per year or about 100 kg every second. This corresponds to CO2 emissions of about 30,000… 35,000 passenger cars.
The innovations developed by Wetend are protected by numerous international patents.

Wetend’s goal is to continue to grow internationally together with its business partners. The aim is also to significantly influence and further develop advanced innovations of bioproduct process technologies that create advanced consumer products, support customer production efficiency, reduce carbon dioxide emissions more effectively and at the same time significantly contribute to positive global climate development.