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Jouni Matula presents on efficiency in paper production at Fibertech 2023

A banner of FiberTech 2023
Forest Industry Days, Savonlinna 23-24.08.23, organized by XAMK

Crossing the lines of convention for maximum efficiency

Jouni Matula, the inventor of TrumpJet chemical mixing technology, is presenting at FiberTech 2023, Forest Industry Days. The event is organized by XAMK Fiber Laboratory and focuses on technological and process innovations that enhance the economic and environmental efficiency of board and paper production.

The presentations:

  • TrumpJet Flash Mixing Reactor – Groundbreaking Applications and Challenges at Board, Paper and Tissue Machines

Key topics:

  • Examples and mill results
  • The importance of mixing location for chemical efficiency and chemical consumption
  • Audit of the paper machine chemical system
  • Efficient use of chemicals and MFC in board and paper production

Key topics:

  • More with less: better quality and cleaner process with lower consumption of raw materials and chemicals
  • Mixing of MFC just before the headbox
  • Better retention by simultaneous mixing of retention aids and strength starch
  • PCC-Fiber-MFC composite: Technologies and Opportunities

Key topics:

  • Cost-effective technology, scalable easily to various production capacities and stock thicknesses
  • Very high retention of filler and fines without or very little use of retention aids
  • Fiber replacement potential (2…3%) with increased filler content

Question old rules and practices and make it better.”

– Jouni Matula

Jouni Matula, the inventor of TrunmJet chemical mixing - a revolutionary injection mixing technology that saves water, chemicals and energy,  installed on paper machines and board machines

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